Statement of Qualifications

Resource Engineering, Inc. (RESOURCE) is a water resource engineering company located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Headquartered in the administrative center of the Colorado River, the Company specializes in water right engineering investigations, water quality assessments and water supply planning. Our staff is comprised of six primary professionals with expertise in water resource engineering and water right investigations.

The Company staff have been extensively involved in water supply planning and water resource investigations in Colorado since 1975. We have completed water resource engineering analysis for major ski area developments, reservoir facilities, trans-basin diversion projects, mining operations, hydropower projects and municipal developments. Water resource investigations have been completed in the Colorado, Blue, Fraser, Eagle, Roaring Fork, Gunnison, Uncompahgre, San Miguel, Dolores, White, Yampa and Arkansas River basins. Through this work we have developed a thorough understanding of water rights administration and issues in Colorado.

RESOURCE is fully qualified to provide service in the following areas:

  • Engineering for water right transfers including complex plans for augmentation
  • Stream channel assessment and restoration
  • Municipal water supply and facilities planning
  • Water quality assessment and surface and ground water quality monitoring
  • Hydrologic studies in surface and ground water
  • Flood hydrology and flood plain delineation
  • Small dam and reservoir design
  • River basin modeling and reservoir operation studies
  • GIS mapping and database development
  • Water right appraisals
  • Wetland evaluations

Since 1975 RESOURCE personnel have completed hundreds of water supply and water quality studies for various municipal, residential, industrial and recreational clients.

Key Personnel

  • Mr. Scott Fifer, P.H. has over 40 years of experience in western Colorado in the areas of hydrology, water quality and water rights administration. Mr. Fifer has provided expert testimony in trial for numerous clients in the Colorado, Yampa, and Gunnison River basins.
  • Mr. Michael Erion, P.E. has over 25 years of experience in engineering, working on a variety of projects including drainage, water rights, water supply and distribution planning, sanitation district engineering, stream hydrology, regulatory permitting, ground water and dam safety.
  • Mr. Eric Mangeot, P.E. brings over 20 years of water resource experience to the RESOURCE team. Mr. Mangeot is an expert in the areas of water rights, water supply planning, and design of hydraulic structures including small dams. Mr. Mangeot is the lead engineer for the Basalt Water Conservancy District.
  • Mr. Raul Passerini, P.E. has participated in various engineering projects since graduating from College in 1996. His experience includes 5 years as a Production Engineer with the oil and gas industry, 4 years as a lift mechanic in a major Colorado Ski Area, and 10 years as a Water Resources Engineer.
  • Mrs. Ashley Moffatt, P.E. has over 10 years of engineering experience in Colorado.  Her areas of expertise include water rights administration, the development and management of water right accounting tools, the analysis of water supplies, and water resource planning.
  • Mr. Dan Roper, Water Resource Planner, received a Master's degree in planning from the University of Utah with an emphasis in water resource planning. He has experience in streamflow measurement, water quality collection and assessment, GIS mapping, and water resource planning.

The combined experience of the RESOURCE staff ensures that the required expertise is available to meet the water resource engineering needs of our clients.


RESOURCE carries one million dollars in professional liability insurance as additional protection to our clients.