Roaring Fork Club

The Roaring Fork ClubResource Engineering has assisted the Roaring Fork Club with a wide range of water related assignments since 1997. The Roaring Fork Club is a year round resort offering golf, fishing and a base for summer and winter activities in the Roaring Fork Valley. Our services for the Club include water rights and water supply planning, irrigation system design, stream restoration design, water quality monitoring, and environmental permitting.


The Roaring Fork Club is served by a domestic water supply system and a raw water irrigation system. RESOURCE developed the technical water rights strategy to develop a legal and physical water supply for this water system. This included adjudication of ponds, wells, and ditches and development of a plan for augmentation. We also assisted with the permitting and development of wells for the domestic water system and development of plans for improvements to the raw water irrigation system.


Operation and maintenance of the Project’s raw water supply was a concern due to the condition of existing irrigation ditch diversion structures and the unstable, dynamic characteristics of the Roaring Fork River. RESOURCE developed a plan for restoration of the Roaring Fork River through the Project reach, including design of diversion structures for the raw water supply ditches. A pipeline with inlet, outlet, measurement device, and control structures was designed to ensure delivery of irrigation water and to deliver water to downstream properties in historic quantity and quality.


The river restoration along the Roaring Fork River required Section 404 permitting with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. RESOURCE assisted with assessment of impacts, development of mitigation plans, and the permitting process with the Corps.

A cabin along the Roaring Fork RiverWATER QUALITY MONITORING

A comprehensive water quality management plan was developed by RESOURCE for the project. The plan included protection measures and best management practices to be implemented during construction and operation of the project. A water quality monitoring program has been a key component of the Plan during the construction and operation phases. RESOURCE continues to monitor ground water and surface water quality within the Project and the Roaring Fork River. This includes maintenance of a comprehensive water quality database.