Geographic Information Systems

A sample GIS imageGeographic information systems (GIS) provide a spatial representation of geographic features. GIS links this spatial data with attribute (i.e. database) information to provide a powerful tool for water resource and land use planning and analysis. GIS may be used as a visual tool to show the relative location of key geographic features (e.g. the proximity of a proposed well to neighboring wells). Or, the geoprocessing tools in GIS may be used to perform powerful analyses (e.g. evaluating precipitation patterns and yield in a study watershed). RESOURCE has fully developed GIS capabilities, with a focus on water resources.

The GIS Services Provided by RESOURCE includes the following:

GIS Database Management and Analysis

  • Design and Implementation of GIS databases
  • Management of existing GIS databases.
  • Map creation and spatial representation of geographic features (e.g. water right location maps)
  • Geospatial analysis of geographic features

GPS Field Data Collection

  • RESOURCE owns a high-accuracy GPS system for collecting field data

Reservoir Surveys

  • RESOURCE maintains a customized survey boat, GPS system and sonar depth-finder for Reservoir Surveys. Surveys are used to calculate reservoir volume, stage capacity relationships and identify sedimentation problems.

Internet Mapping Service

  • RESOURCE has a fully supported ArcIMS internet mapping service. The internet mapping service allows clients to access and interact with GIS data using the standard internet browser on their personal computer.

AutoCAD Drafting and Engineering Design

  • RESOURCE offers a full suite of drafting and design capabilities. These services are discussed in detail in the Engineering Design section.