Surface Hydrology, Groundwater Hydrology and Water Quality Management

Taking hydrologic measurementsAn understanding of the spatial distribution of water and its behavior is critical to water resource and land use planning. Surface diversions, wells and evolving land use patterns may alter surface and groundwater hydrology. In particular, the amount, quality, timing and location of water accruing to stream channels and lakes may change. RESOURCE provides comprehensive services to assist its clients in developing an in-depth understanding of local and regional hydrology.

Hydrologic Services Provided by RESOURCE include:

Hydrologic Modeling

  • Model Stream and Watershed Yield (Including Analysis of Water Availability, Assessment of Minimum Instream Flows and Flood Probability)
  • Model Firm Reservoir Yield
  • HEC-RAS Dam Breach Analysis and Flood Plain Studies

Field Hydrology

  • Stream Discharge Monitoring
  • Stream Reach Assessment
  • Watershed Assessment

Stream Restoration

  • Site Characterization
  • Restoration Design
  • Project Oversight and Coordination

Groundwater Hydrology

  • Well Siting Investigations
  • Well Design and Construction Oversight
  • Pump Test Design and Sustainable Well Yield Analysis
  • Ground Water Rights and Lagged Depletion Analysis
  • Regional Ground Water Investigations

Water Quality Management

  • Design and Management of Water Quality Monitoring Programs
  • Surface and Ground Water Quality Sampling
  • Analysis of Water Quality Data for Compliance with State and Federal water quality standards, including anti-degradation analysis